Wendy Waters


Wendy Waters is an award-winning author, composer, lyricist and librettist. Born in Queensland, she grew up in Sydney, lived in the USA for six years, travelled extensively, and now lives in Sydney, Australia.  In 2011 she volunteered to work with OASIS Salvation Army Crisis Centre in Sydney, motivating musically talented, underprivileged children which gave her the inspiration for her debut novel, Catch the Moon, Mary.


In 2015 Amanda Redman suggested Waters write a play based on her novel. The play co-written by Waters and Jemina Macedo with a musical score by composer Frank Seckold had a staged reading at the Tristan Bates Theatre in September 2017. The play has been selected by Fame Spectrum Academy as their debut project and will be staged in Scotland in 2019.


Waters has written four musicals: ALEXANDER, FRED, GODDESSES and MIRIAM.


FRED, a four-hander book musical is being produced in Australia in June 2018 by the Tweed Theatre Company and will be produced in Scotland in 2019. MIRIAM, a full-scale gothic musical co-written by Waters and Frank Seckold is under consideration by three Australian producers.


Both FRED and the play Catch the Moon, Mary have been shortlisted by the Darlinghurst Theatre Company Sydney for possible inclusion in their 2019 season.



 Twitter: @wa_waters  @catchmoonmary

Wendy is the author of Catch the Moon, Mary

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