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 A selection of our clients projects:

Theatre Stage Plays





Catch The Moon Mary

The story of a child prodigy whose music attracts an ambitious fallen Angel hell bent on saving the world at any cost.


Three women living in adjoining apartments dream of a rescue from their

lonely lives.  Fred the electrician arrives following a power cut and while he fixes the fuses devices a plan to bring them together.

Four Loyalty Cards

Four Loyalty Cards is a one hour production, consisting of a series of four monologues all unconnected apart from all the characters being in the same coffee shop and all in possession of a loyalty card. Throughout the production all four characters are on stage with each character in turn performing from a chair at the front of the stage.


Friends with attitude, through a black perspective.

YO is a comedy/drama about a black fashion magazine with a pan European.  The magazine offices are located in London’s trendy borough of Hackney and we see the mad world of fashion through the programme’s main protagonist, Melanie, a serious black “want to be” author who suddenly Finds herself in fashion hell.

The Kiss  

When fire destroys London’s iconic Savoy Hotel, it ruins a passionate, illicit affair when two lovers making a dramatic escape sweep the world’s front pages. Fifteen years on, a perfume house woos the ex-lovers back into the spotlight. But their return to fame brings with it old resentment, well-kept secrets, and tabloid readers yearning for a happy ending.

You’re supposed to be at home

A bleak future faces a dysfunctional non-league football club as it struggles to move with the times in modern day Bradford.

Colour me Jake

In an industry where fakery is the norm, a special effects whizz is desperate to come clean about the A-list movie star he’s created purely from computer pixels.

But when our CG expert falls for an obsessive film fan besotted with his fictitious creation, he finds true love is nothing short of murder.


When you think of superheroes, you don’t think of these guys …

A terrible accident leads a young billionaire taking action in an attempt to change the law. With the help of an elite team of misfits, he builds up support and creates some dangerous enemies.

Winds of Transition

A family torn apart by passion, deception and forbidden love.  1909 England when women challenged Victorian morality from the forefront of the suffrage movement

The Voice

Adam a clapped out British musical agent, bitter of the industry that spat him out travels to Sri Lanka to end it all. Then he hears a voice that could entice the fish from the sea