Roger Cottrell has a journalistic background including freelance work for the Sunday Express and contributions to many other newspapers including the London Times.

He has worked as a consultant to Press TV and other consultancy work includes covering Iraqi & Kurdish politics for the BBC and Radio 5.

Roger has also made contributions to World in Action, Channel 4 Dispatches and was attached to CNN as a war correspondent.

Roger  has an MA in script writing from the prestigious Irish National Film School and a PhD in English Literature on British Crime Films from Queens University Belfast.

His academic work includes much authorship and he is a Senior Lecturer on Media Studies and Film & TV.

This vast experience is now channelled  into film and documentary writing.

Devil’s Alchemist           

The Italian drug underworld 1970’s a small time British drug dealer walks a tightrope between the CIA, the Red Brigade, political abductions and saving his wife

Ashes in the Fall            

So You Think You Know What Happened at Lockerbie ?

On December 21, 1988, Pan Am 103 was destroyed over Lockerbie in Scotland, leaving 27 people dead.   It was and remains the worst act of mass murder in

Scottish legal history.  This documentary explains how and why the bombing

came about.