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Feature Films/Documentaries

Down the Devils Road   A heist, diamonds, the mob and a wedding

Unparalled                          A cycle of death and rebirth involving the corrupt workings of the

  pharmaceutical industries - can Jason commit suicide in time to save his


Septimius                           The first African emperor of Rome, after his rule the empire would never be

                                                   the same again.

Switchback                        A young jewish music journalist takes a road trip to find the surviving

members of a black 90’s rock band and finds himself

Devil’s Alchemist           The Italian drug underworld 1970’s a small time British drug dealer walks a

          tightrope between the CIA, the Red Brigade, political abductions and saving

 his wife

Ashes in the Fall            So You Think You Know What Happened at Lockerbie ?

                                                 On December 21, 1988, Pan Am 103 was destroyed over Lockerbie in Scotland,

leaving 27 people dead.  It was and remains the worst act of mass murder in

Scottish legal history.  This documentary explains how and why the bombing

came about.

Brown Dog                      Four men rob a bank, kill a man, so will they stay together ? - some friends are

loyal  others roll over

The Before                      If a spaceship full of humans from an ancient civilisation arrived on earth, what

        questions would they ask ?

Winds of Transition    A family torn apart by passion, deception and forbidden love. 1909 England

         when women challenged Victorian morality from the forefront of the suffrage


The Voice                        Adam a clapped out British musical agent, bitter of the industry that spat him

                 out travels to Sri Lanka to end it all. Then he hears a voice that could entice the

       fish from the sea

 A selection of our clients projects:

Theatre Stage Plays





Catch The Moon Mary

The story of a child prodigy whose music attracts an ambitious fallen Angel hell bent on saving the world at any cost.


Three women living in adjoining apartments dream of a rescue from their

lonely lives.  Fred the electrician arrives following a power cut and while he fixes the fuses devices a plan to bring them together.