Kumari Gandhi


British born Kumari K Gandhi, half East Indian & half West Indian, musical career really kicked off in Toronto Canada in the late 80’s and 90’s. After some initial success in the U.K. with a record release through Multitone Records and T.V. performances including ‘Here and Now’ Kumari emigrated to Canada.

During this time Kumari, with her musician brother Seri, signed to Justice Records (Canada) and this was the start of a collaboration for writing & recording original pop music& music videos with live and TV performances including appearances  at Copa/Diamond , the C.N Tower (Sparkles) and the BMacs Awards~Network.

Kumari represented Canadian music, along with other artists, at Midem Cannes Music Festival and was also featured on the Canadian Sampler CD (CIRPA) and in the USA at the New Music Seminar Marriot Hotel New York with their original tracks ‘Touch Me Now’  ‘Is it Love’ produced and co~written With Canadian Producer Mark Berry @ Metalworks Canada.

Other singles released included ‘Lovers of the Nite’ - CD + EP ‘Watch Out’ & ‘Shake’. Kumari released video/record ‘Rock your Baby’(cover) co produced with John Forbes (who worked with Alice Cooper/Air Supply/Peter Tosh). Her releases achieved success with air and TV play nationally across the Canadian Dance Charts and also club interest in the USA.

After returning to the UK, she began a collaboration with guitarist Chris J McWilliam co writing a musical Inner City Dreams with a cast performance at All Saints and Rudolph Steiner Hall.  Kumari then took a break to raise two musically talented daughters.

In 2017 Kumari wrote & recorded her solo ‘Destiny’s Collection’ - 6 original diverse tracks from Drum & Bass to Dance and House Mix to Ballad…..Destiny Calling -U - Dirty Little Secret - Karma -Ugly Ain’t So Pretty- Quick Fix- Squashed.Currently Kumari is recording 6 new original tracks under her new collection ‘Rebirth in Clinic’ …….. We suggest …….. Watch This Space………