Bettina Gracias, mixed-race Austrian/Indian, has had 11 plays produced for BBC Radio 4, her theatre plays ‘Singh Tangos’ and ‘Ghandi & Coconuts’ were produced by Kali Theatre Company and her one-off TV drama ‘The Wedding Party’ was aired on BBC Choice.  Her stage play ‘Other’ was long-listed for both the Verity Bargate and the Manchester Exchange Awards ‘Jallebies and Tea’ was nominated for the ‘Race in the Media Award’, ‘My Name is Iqbal’ (theatre version) was short-listed for The Ice and Fire Award’.  Her radio series ‘The Plot’, won the Sony Gold Award for Radio and ‘My name is Iqbal Masih’, won the Clarion Award for best radio drama.  She recently won the The Sultan Padansee Award (India) for her play‘Watching You’

Bettina has a First Class degree in Sociology and two Masters one in International Relations and one in Psychology.  She is currently in development with her screenplay ‘The Voice’ set in Sri Lanka which was short-listed for the Circus Film Awards.  

Her stage play ‘Lhasa’ about Tibet and the Chinese struggle has been selected to be part of the ‘Women and War’ Season by Kali Theatre in Spring 2018.

The Voice   


Adam a clapped out British musical agent, bitter of the industry that spat him

out travels to Sri Lanka to end it all. Then he hears a voice that could entice the

fish from the sea



Bettina Gracias