Andrew Ward


Andrew Ward is new to the professional writing scene having started writing as a hobby in 2010. However, when one of his early plays was performed at a local theatre and was  successful in raising money for charity Andrew started to concentrate more on his writing.

He started entering writing competitions and was rewarded with some success and has subsequently written scripts for short and feature- length films.

Andrew has natural creative ability and used his working experience within the criminal justice system along with in depth research, to shape his grittier crime-based scripts. He explores the psychology behind decisions people make, how they react and how far they will go.

Brown Dog

Some friends are loyal, others roll over

Brown Dog is a feature-length film script about four men who rob a bank and kill a man who tried to stop them escaping with the cash. With the extra heat of a murder hanging over their heads, will the gang band together, or will they roll over? 

The Before

If a spaceship full of humans from ancient civilisations arrived on earth, what questions would they ask ?


A couple are happily married and coping with her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, until one day…

Still - a short film about a couple, happily married, but fighting against the terrible impact Multiple Sclerosis has had on their lives, following her diagnosis.


A crime drama with Superhero’s having  a few laughs

A terrible accident leads to a young billionaire taking action in an attempt to change the law with the help of an elite team of misfits.

The team ( The Neo-Evolution Rational Direction Squad (N.E.R.D.S.)) consist of eccentric, but brilliant individuals, a chemist and inventor DOC BROWN and HARRY, a deaf mechanical and electrical engineer THE SILENCE and the second best hacker in the world, THE PROPHECY, second only to THE GHOST.   A feature and a game film.